Thursday, March 20, 2008

Loopflesh / Fleshloop - Like Rats / Straight To Your Heart

Out-of-print split 7" between Justin's Broadrick's Godflesh (credited as Fleshloop) and Robert Hampson's Loop (Loopflesh). The bands cover each other's songs and the release was limited to 1400 copies. The words "RATS LIVE ON NO EVIL STAR" are incised on the run-off groove of side A with side B having these words written backwards.

A Loopflesh* Like Rats (6:30)
AA Fleshloop* Straight To Your Heart (7:43)

Label: Clawfist
Catalog#: XPIG 07
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Released:May 1991
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Noise, Experimental, Industrial
Notes:Each band's contribution is a cover of a song
originally by the other. (Hence the alternate artist
names listed on the sleeve.)

Henry Bison - Family Values EP

I used to work with this guy - Daniel - years ago (mid 1990s) at a record store in Austin, TX and his band "Henry Bison" - which was really just him - put out this EP which I still find hysterical today...

he recorded this himself on four-track...

It was originally released by the Texas label Rise Records (Frank Kozik & Craig Koon); limited edition of 100 with hand-screened vinyl covers.... which I don't have a scan of so here's a substitution cover thrown together instead...

Drop-O - Green Eggs and Sam the Man (one-sided ep) (Beat Jazz)

One-sided vinyl EP by guy I knew who works/worked at Waterloo Records in Austin... the single probably came out in 1995 or 1996 and I believe pressed by the Rise Records guys (Frank Kozik and Craig Koon) although it wasn't on that label... it's a Beat Jazz version of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.... I think they pressed maybe 30 to 50 copies. The cover is my own creation.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Unbecoming: An International Compilation

Label: Freedom In A Vacuum
Catalog#: VACCD.01
Format: CD, Compilation
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Experimental


1 Dead Masochistic Gut Detuning
2 Crawl/Child Unbecome / Unborn / Unformed
3 Allegory Chapel Ltd. Brutality Of Love
4 Plecid Sssexy
5 Randy Greif Garden Of The Lights
6 Pierre-André Arcand Au-Dela Des Machines
7 PGR Microbes
8 W.A. Davison Shed 26
9 Empirical Sleeping Consort We Are Sitting In A Room (With Apologies To Alvin)
10 John Duncan Stress Chamber

The Memorial Elvis Project (neither a tribute nor a celebration)

Label: Odd Size
Catalog#: CD OS 03
Format: CD
Released:1990 or 1992
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental
Notes:Packaged in 7" folder sleeve.

my copy unfortunately has lost its sleeve along the way... not the best of compilations but you might find a track or two you like... features noise/experimental sounds from:
1 Élève Modèle You Take My Heart Forever (0:16)
2 H.N.A.S. Ku-U-I-Po (3:19)
3 Asmus Tietchens Charisma Perdu (3:38)
4 La Sonorité Jaune Fatarnt (3:36)
Effects [Treatments], Edited By, Mixed By - Z/H
Tape, Edited By - Jean-Marie Omni*
5 Psyclones Hound Dog (4:05)
Performer - Brian Ladd , Julie Frith
6 Bene Gesserit Love Me Tender (0:32)
7 Duck And Cover In A Psylobottle N'Attends Personne Acceuille Qui Vient (2:41)
Featuring - Pacific 231 (2)
8 Laurent Pernice Le Lys Se Prive (3:00)

NoN - Sick Tour (Live in Staalplaat 8-3-'85)

Label: Staalplaat
Catalog#: none
Format: CD, Limited Edition, Cardboard Sleeve
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise
Notes:Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered CD copies.

Grinding distorted industrial noise from Boyd Rice

Coil - Duplais Balance box

Label: Absinthevertrieb Lion
Catalog#: HOA237862
Format: CD, Limited Edition
Box Set, Limited Edition, Wood
Released:Dec 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield, Glitch, Industrial, Ambient
Credits: Composed By, Artwork By [Cover & Bottle Label] -
Peter Christopherson
Notes:Signed and numbered edition of 250 copies.
A wooden box set consisting one small bottle of fine
absinthe (label designed and signed by Peter
Christopherson, two smashed absinthe glasses
(damn you UPS!), two spoons and a CD containing
the track Animal Are You? (11:38) specially
recorded track by Peter Christopherson / Coil.

The absinthe, Duplais Balance, was created to
commemorate the memory of COIL's Jhonn
Balance and has won Silver, Best in Classe at the
International Wine and Spirits Competition 2007

Yes, I own the box and no I haven't opened the bottle....

Robert Haigh/Sema

Robert Haigh's Juliet of the Spirits 12" came out in 1985 on L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords. Sema's Extract from Rosa Silber 12" came out on Le Rey Records in 1983. Sema=Robert Haigh. Both releases are very out-of-print and very hard to track down. Robert Haigh has worked with Nurse with Wound, Paul Oakenfold, and Chrystal Belle Scrodd among others. For fans of early United Dairies Records, modern classical, experimental, and such music

Sema - Extract from Rosa Silber

Label: Le Rey Records
Catalog#: LR 101
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Genre: Electronic
Style: Modern Classical, Experimental

Robert Haigh - Juliet Of The Spirits

Label: L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords
Catalog#: LAY 09
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Genre: Electronic
Style: Modern Classical, Experimental

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cosmonauts Hail Satan - Hellraiser

Label: Fourth Dimension Records
Catalog#: FDS33
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise, Experimental, Ambient
Notes:These tracks were inspired by the first hellraiser film and Coil's unused soundtrack.
First pressing on black vinyl with a black and white sleeve in an edition of 380, second pressing on clear vinyl with a maroon and white sleeve in an edition of 190.

way out-of-print.... burned from my vinyl copy....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dry Lungs Vol. V (various artists)

Label: Subterranean Records
Catalog#: SUB 72-2
Format: 2 x CD, Compilation
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Noise, Experimental
Credits: Artwork By - Arthur Potter
Compiled By - Paul Lemos


1-1 Controlled Bleeding Live Bleeding I (0:20)
1-2 Joe Papa Scat Fuck Party (3:34)
1-3 Étant Donnés S'Envole (8:03)
1-4 Controlled Bleeding Golgotha (Excerpt) (5:51)
1-5 Fat Hacker Diner Song (0:21)
1-6 Carl Stone Moms (11:42)
1-7 Fat Hacker Hog Song I (0:08)
1-8 Masonna Anal A La Mode (4:18)
1-9 Fat Hacker Hog Song II (0:06)
1-10 Un Drame Musical Instantané Rien Ne Va Plus (12:14)
1-11 Chris Moriarty Moisture (4 Track Demo) (2:48)
1-12 Hijokaidan Planeticket (Excerpt) (5:42)
1-13 Trance All The Myriad Ways (3:34)
2-1 Controlled Bleeding Live Bleeding II (0:27)
2-2 Cranioclast Careful! (4:32)
2-3 Paul Lemos Hog Tied (5:21)
2-4 Merzbow Man-Plug (8:24)
2-5 PGR Floods And Chairs (10:03)
2-6 Skin Chamber In The Sewer Of Dreams (7:37)
2-7 Désaccord Majeur Une Autre Réaction (3:07)
2-8 Phallus Dei Amiin Doll (Excerpt) (2:43)
2-9 Mike Hovancsek Egregious (1:54)
2-10 Hélène Sage & Bernard Vitet Machography (4:44)
2-11 Incapacitants As A Taxpayer (Excerpt) (3:35)
2-12 Arcane Device Tendril (7:12)
2-13 Solmania Eliminator (Excerpt) (1:42)
2-14 Violent Onsen Geisha Dynamic Summer Groove '78 (3:36)
2-15 K.K. Null Bad Sun Rising (Excerpt) (1:41)

Hybryds - The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive pt. 2

Label: Dark Vinyl Records
Catalog#: DV 09
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Ambient
Notes:Track 8 has close to 5 minutes of silence
before the unlisted track 9 starts. (7:18 in total)
Limited to 800 copies.

Beat Jazz - Pictures from the Gone World

very out-of-print and rare compilation of beat jazz, burned off the original vinyl (1000 copies), on Pesky Serpent Records (PS 1001). Came out in the mid-1990s. Might have been reissued a few years back on very limited CD but not sure...

From the web:
this is one beautiful collection of beat music,
spoken word and crazed goofballed lyrics. Way out there selections
of many unknown beat artists at their most primitive level spewing
forth underground sounds and styles of a bygone era. No Zane or kitch
here but straight ahead songs that ooze the beat feel! This is a
fantastic selection of music. For me its the beat of this genre...

1. FROSTY AND THE DIAMONDS - Destination Mars
2. SLIM GAILLARD - Travelin Blues
3. KENNETH REXROTH - State & 32nd
6. SCOTTY McKAY - Black Cat
8. GIL MELLE - The Gears
9. DOCTOR BOP - Satin & Velvet
10. ANITA ELLIS w/DAVID AMRAM - The Crazy Daisy
11. BOB DOROUGH (by Ferlinghetti) - Dog
12. HARVEY ANDERSON - Monday Night at 8pm
13. JACK KEROUAC - Cockroach
14. THE COSMIC RAYS with SUN RA - Dreaming
15. ROY GLENN - Big High Song For Somebody
16. ADA MOORE - Devil
17. MOONDOG - Up Broadway
18. WOODY LEAFER - Drums In My Typrewriter
19. THE NEW BANGS - Go Go Kitty
20. ELLIE GIRL & THE 7 BEAT SULKS - Let's Make It

Ahnenerbe - Nacht Und Nebel

Label: Autarkeia
Catalog#: ACD 005
Format: CD, Limited Edition
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Dark Ambient, Occult
Edition of 288 copies

Review from -

Ah, one of the rare moments where I just look at something and let out a contented sigh. Ahnenerbe – An album based around the German National Socialist research facility, as founded by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, historian Hermann Wirth, and SS-Obergruppenführer Richard Walther Darré.

“Nacht Und Nebel” (which of course translates into “Night and Fog”) is no less mythical in its hugely ambitious concept, than in its historical practice itself,whereas its aim in the dark ambient scene is not just to expand its “lebensraum” and secure its position on the hierarchy of this ethos of music, but to create an empire that answers to none. The comparisons are limitless.

Like the mysterious practices of the organisation, the music delivered by Ahnenerbe takes us through catacombs, skeletal walls echoing, and the general feeling of elitist Arthurian imagery and propaganda.

The oppressing structures deliver a theme of alienation, and when mixed with samples of no other than the Leaders of the SS themselves, it is in some cases exactly like listening to your own fate being discussed, while waiting for the first of many experiments to be performed.

The music draws from a rich tapestry of ambient and industrial collaborations and influences, and whereas its Germanic counterparts took much time and deliberation in studying the Bayeux Tapestry for evidence of Aryan Supremacy, Ahnenerbe takes the same dedication in spreading out the pages of this black grimoire for all to study and recite.

What we are essentially provided with, is nothing short of a ritual piece of Semi-Occultic and deliberately unsettling ambience. Wolfram Sievers (Reichsgeschäftsführer des Ahnenerbes) vanished after performing a death ritual, and it’s music like this that can push one over the edge.

Nacht und Nebel is limited to 288 copies, and at the request of the artist, will NEVER be reissued.

As if this wasn’t good enough, the CD is covered with a special lacquer which smells like almonds. What an explosive idea *wink wink*.

A Chud Convention (Skinny Puppy & à;GRUMH)

Label:Circle Records
Catalog#:Circle 003
Format:Vinyl, 12"
Style:Noise, Experimental, Ambient
Credits:Drum Programming, Featuring [Phone] - cEvin Key
Engineer - Paul Delnoy , Wonder Deedier, The
Keyboards, Sampler, Noises - SΔ3 EVETS
Producer, Engineer - Dave "Rave" Ogilvie*
Producer, Mixed By - SΔ3 EVETS
Voice, Featuring [Cough] - JΔ3 SEUQCAJ
Voice, Featuring [Throat] - Nivek Ogre
Notes:A one-off "project" between à;Grumh… (S.3 Evets and J.3 Seuqcaj) and Skinny Puppy (cEvin Key and Nivek Ogre).

A one-off recording during their 1986 European tour... burned off my vinyl copy... very similar to the occult sounds of early Current 93 (Dawn, Live at Bar Maldoror, In Menstrual Night)... creepy distorted voice-based atmospheric noise, great for late night listening.

Below are the new links as the old ones were deleted by accident:

Track 1: Patient Sorrow

Track 2: Silent Sorrow

Con-Dom: Oh Ye of Little Faith EP

Label:Tesco Organisation
Catalog#:TESCO 007
Format:Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition
Released:Feb 1992
Style:Industrial, Noise
Notes:Edition of 514 copies