Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crime & the City Solution - I Have The Gun (12")

Do you love
Nick Cave?
How about The
Birthday Party?
Einstürzende Neubauten?
How about the film
Wings of Desire?
You do?
Well, how about
Crime and The City Solution?
Well, check out this EP and then head over to Young Moss Tongue to experience more of this great and over-looked band... won't be disappointed:

burned from the 12" on Mute Records, 1990.. the bass sounds a bit distorted but it could be the $9 speakers I have attached to my laptop...

from Wiki.:

Crime and The City Solution were a rock music band formed by Australian singer and songwriter Simon Bonney.

They had four distinct line-ups: Sydney in 1977-78, Melbourne in 1979, and two groupings in Berlin from 1985-1990. The only common member in all four line-ups was Bonney.

Other members included: former members of The Birthday Party (Mick Harvey and Rowland S. Howard); former Swell Maps drummer Epic Soundtracks; and Alexander Hacke from Einstürzende Neubauten.

Crime and the City Solution completed four studio albums and a number of E.Ps during its existence, and a live album has since been released. Further early recordings have resurfaced on the internet. Parallels have been drawn between Crime and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Crime were famed for their live performances, where Bonney's delicate physical appearance contrasted sharply with his deep, dark voice. He has since gone on to record solo material.

Avengers EP (1979) on White Noise Records

Classic Early American Punk

four-song EP produced by Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols (who the Avengers opened for at the Winterland in San Francisco at the Sex Pistols final show)....

...was released on White Noise Records in 1979 a couple months after the band broke up. Tracks The American In Me and Uh Oh are different than the versions on Pink Album release...

Produced by Geza X who produced a lot of early California punk releases including the Dead Kennedys , the Germs, and Black Flag...

James Wilsey later went on to play lead guitar with Chris Isaak....

Brad Kent was influential in the early Canadian punk scene and played in early versions of DOA and the Subhumans before joining the Avengers...

burned from the original black vinyl..

images stolen from as my photos looked shitty...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Wedding Present - Live, Leicester Poly, 5th May 1987

Burned from the cassette.... very good sound quality from this early show at a nearly empty university gig....

Monday, December 29, 2008

Robert Anton Wilson - The Jumping Jesus Phenomenon

Here's the second of the two R.A.W. tapes I have... this one was professionally recorded unlike the first one I posted which was an audience recording....

the recording takes place the next day, this time in Denver...

Sounds True
seems to have been/is a convention recording company so the sound is very good... unfortunately, they did not mike the audience so their questions at the end are hard to hear or not recorded...

Robert Anton Wilson
- The Jumping Jesus Phenomenon February 29, 1986 Denver, Colorado

...loads of wonderful conspiracy looniness and deep thinking...

Robert Anton Wilson - Live Feb. 28, 1986 Boulder, CO.

Another of my collection of oddities. A very funny spoken word performance by Robert Anton Wilson on February 28, 1986 in Boulder, Colorado... probably at the University of Colorado...

I have another of these live recordings floating around, I'll see if I can't get it up in the next week or so....

if you're not familiar with R.A.W., he was a cosmic jokester and conspiracy author who wrote such infamous books as The Illuminatus! Trilogy (with Robert Shea), and the Cosmic Trigger books among others...

he was also a life-long friend Timothy Leary...

some Wiki links:!_Trilogy

I reread the Cosmic Trigger books and The Illuminatus! Trilogy every couple of years just to stay sane.... fnord.

The Wedding Present Ukrainian Live Middleton 1989

I still have a load of cassette tapes floating around (maybe 150 or so)... mainly obscure stuff that has not been released on CD or live bootlegs of shows...

....including five or six Wedding Present live cassettes purchased at a garage sale a number of years ago when a friend of mine went minimalist (thanks Karl!).

Here's the first of them.

It's more of their fun Ukrainian style music than their regular punk/pop.

I have no idea what the cassette cover says although the actual cassette says the show took place sometime in Middleton, UK in 1989.... enjoy!

oh, and click on the cassette cover image for a big blow-up if you can read Ukrainian...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

(COIL)Tactile / Rosa Mundi - Grief / The Snowman split 7"single

Picture Disc 7" limited to 777....

Released in honour of the late Jhonn Balance (aka Geff Rushton) of Coil who died in November 2004.

Side A. Tactile - Grief (featuring John Balance of Coil)(Written By - John Everall / Jhonn Balance, Text Written By William Hope Hodgson)

...just a note, William Hope Hodgson wrote the Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder stories among others, he's one of my favorite short story writers and info. can be found here:

Side B. Rosa Mundi - The Snowman (Written By - Rose McDowall / Jhonn Balance)

...Rose McDowall has had multiple incarnations including the early 80's pop band Strawberry Switchblade, Current 93, Death in June, NoN, Coil, etc...

Cosmonauts Hail Satan - Satan, Yuri And You Pts. I & II

Here's the first single by Cosmonauts Hail Satan on Shock Records released in 1992.

More noisy goodness...

Limited to 666 hand-numbered copies, burned from my vinyl copy which is #177...

I posted their second single (their cover of Coil's Hellraiser Theme) back on 3/16/08...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Murder double 7" single

Just in time for the Holidays!!!1

I'm actually a real nice guy but I admit that I have some really strange music in my collection... I was discussing the solved Adam Walsh case with my sister-in-law and she thought Ottis Toole was a partner of John Wayne Gacy but it was actually Henry Lee Lucas... well, that reminded me of this odd little (and disturbing) release in my collection... (I'm probably going to have nightmares tonight listening to this while burning it)....

I swear I really am a nice guy... I like rainbows, and kittens.... and penguins.... and walks in the park...

here's a double 7" single called Murder on blood red vinyl that contains interviews with four convicted serial killers... Henry Lee Lucas, Kenneth Bianchi, Edmund Emil Kemper, Theodore Robert Bundy...

(I notice that
Michael Moynihan was involved with this. He was/is the music group Blood Axis, is associated with Boyd Rice (NoN), Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, and wrote the book Lords of Chaos, an account of the early Norwegian Black Metal scene... uh, o.k.)

...burned from my copy and I'm assuming that this double 7" was pretty limited...


Label: Alamut Records
Catalog#: KILL
Format: 2 x Vinyl, 7"
Country: US
Genre: Non-Music
Style: Interview
Credits: Artwork By [Design / Layout] - Michael Moynihan
Notes: "The first installment in this special interest series deals with the brutal reality of man's murderous capabilities. This release contains portions of interviews with four convicted killers."
(Note: no further installments in this "series" were ever released.)

Pressed on red vinyl. Comes in a clear sleeve with a folded cover sheet.
Vinyl etchings:
A: Isolate...
B: Dominate...
C: Enslave...
D: ...Exterminate.
Design/Layout by Storm (Michael Moynihan)

A. Edmund Emil Kemper - (Sexual Murderer, Necrophiliac, "Co-Ed Killer'): "I Had Thought Of Annihilating The Entire Block That I Lived On."

B. Henry Lee Lucas - (Murderer, Rapist, Arsonist, White Trash): "I Was Death On Women."

C. Theodore Robert Bundy - (Serial Murderer, "Phantom Prince"): "I'm The Most Cold-Blooded Son Of A Bitch That You'll Ever Meet."

D. Kenneth Bianchi - (Rapist, Murderer, "Hillside Strangler"): "I Didn't See Anything Wrong With It - It Was Just There."


Here's a load of B-Horror film radio trailers I've collected off the intraweb and other locations... they're really great for splicing in between tracks on home-made music compilations. People still make those, right? Or have we all become too lazy because of the web to even do that...

John Trubee - A Blind Man's Penis

where to begin with this?

John Trubee & the Ugly Janitors of America... 1992... on the German label Musical Tragedies, track one is a classic weird country & western recording while the other two tracks are throw aways (sorry John)....

burned from my black wax copy, limited to ???

from John Trubee himself (

You Too Can Be A Recording Star!
Article by John Trubee

Stevie Wonder's penis is erect because he's blind. This ludicrous line was invented out of sheer boredom and homicidal frustration as I labored as a cashier in a convenience store in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1975. I'd scribble some poems and weird phrases on a legal pad to vent my seething anguish. Writing on the job was a kind of self-invented therapy to prevent the onset of mental illness due to occupational stress and severe teenage alienation.

In late spring of 1976, I bought one of those horrible sleazy tabloids you find in supermarkets by the check-out stand. I had to keep up on my UFO sightings and mass hatchet murders.

In the back pages of the Midnight Globe (not the National Enquirer, as erroneously reported elsewhere -- was it Time?), I scanned the geeky little ads and saw: "Cowrite on a 50-50 basis, earn $20,000 royalties, send your song poems to ..." some outfit in Nashville, Tennessee. I thought to myself: wouldn't it be fun to send these people the most ridiculous, stupid, vile, obscene, retarded Iyrics to see their response?

In five minutes of stream of consciousness (or unconsciousness), I hammered out the following:

Peace & Love

I got high last night on LSD
My mind was beautiful, and I was free
Warts loved my nipples because they are pink
Vomit on me, baby
Yeah Yeah Yeah.

Stevie Wonder's penis is erect because he's blind
It's erect because he's blind, it's erect because he's blind
Stevie Wonder's penis is erect because he's blind
It's erect because he is blind

Let's make love under the stars and watch for UFOs
And if little baby Martians come out of the UFOs
You can fuck them
Yeah Yeah Yeah.

The zebra spilled its plastinia on bemis
And the gelatin fingers oozed electric marbles
Ramona's titties died in hell
And the Nazis want to kill everyone.

Stevie Wonder's penis is erect because he's blind ... etc.

I wanted to get an emotional letter from the jerks in Nashville. I wanted them to tell me I was crazy. I wanted there to curse me out in writing so I could show all my friends.

Several weeks later I received a letter from Nashville Co-Writers which began:

Dear John,

We have just received your lyrics and think they are very worthy of being recorded with the full Nashville Sound Production. ... I am enclosing a contract of acceptance. Please sign and return along with $79.95 to cover the cost for each song to be completed ...

Aha! They wanted my money. I knew it! But if I send them the money, they would send me a tape and a record of my lyrics set to music. Although $79.95 was a lot to a minimum wage teenager, I signed the "contract of acceptance" and returned it with a check. Several weeks later I received a 7-inch, 45 RPM record that had a label and grooves only on one side. Typed on the white label was "Peace & Love" (John Trubee-Will Gentry). I immediately rushed upstairs and put this little gem on the turntable for a listen. Over the lamest, most minimal country track was some country hack singing the lyrics I wrote. I was stunned.

They did change one line, though -- they excised all mention of Stevie Wonder and had the singer croon repeatedly "A blind man" instead.

Also enclosed with the disc (actually an acetate) was a photograph of Ramsey Kearney, the guy who sang the damned thing. Wearing a butterfly-print polyester shirt, Ramsey looked like the perfect man to sing these demented lyrics.

Ramsey Kearney, singer of "Blind Man's Penis"

Several weeks later, Nashville sent a teeny 3-inch reel tape of the song in extreme stereo -- one channel had only the prerecorded rhythm track while the other channel featured Ramsey singing those idiot lyrics with a little slap-back echo thrown in.

For years I had recorded hours of tapes of my teenage band, prank phone calls, studio demo tapes, synthesizer blurbles, and various recordings of an unusual nature. I wanted all this hard work to be heard, and I loved distributing my tapes simply to annoy people and sometimes even to enlighten or entertain them. I am a music fanatic, a recording fanatic, and I needed to get this material out. It was my response to a world that seems always to have told me that I am small and worthless. Putting out music for the hell of it was my way of giving the finger to a universe indifferent to my existence.

In December 1982, I received a call at work from Ron Stringer, guitarist for the Fibonaccis, an L.A. art band. Earlier that year at a gig at Al's Bar, I had given him a John Trubee sampler cassette, which contained my Nashville prank song, "Peace & Love." Ron evidently played the tape for record producer Craig Leon, who was helping the Fibonaccis release their song "Tumors" on vinyl. Craig liked "Peace & Love" so much that he wanted to release it as a 45.

Craig managed to have the record pressed by Enigma, whom I had never even heard of. I got 50 free promo copies of the record. We didn't discuss any specific deal. Any sort of greed, bitchery, money hassles, or small-minded haggling might have discouraged Enigma from marketing my record. I felt that they were doing me a favor by bothering to press it and give me some free copies. In retrospect, this attitude is one of profound naiveté borne of youthful inexperience.

When I drove to Torrance one night after work to pick up the 50 copies of my beautiful record, some guy from Greenworld came up to me and, referring to the 250 copies they had pressed, said, "We already invested $20 in this record, and we don't want to have anything more to do with it." Great. I spend years of my life playing music, studying music, using all my spare moments working on my music to agonizingly drag it into the world to give to people, and I still get the callous snub from the typical idiot in the music business.

The records were in plain white sleeves and had blank white labels. For $16 I had four rubber stamps made at a stationery store so I could stamp each record with the pertinent information. I also bought several hundred plastic record sleeves from a local Licorice Pizza and designed and photocopied my own little cover to insert along with the record.

With my original 50 copies, I did a promotional mailing to Dr. Demento and various radio stations, not expecting any response whatsoever.

I sent a copy to Los Angeles TV vampiress Elvira, a.k.a. Cassandra Peterson, who at the time hosted a show at progressive radio station KROQ-FM in Pasadena. She sent a postcard explaining that she'd attempt to play the record on her show, but she wasn't sure she would be able to due to the offensive lyric content. I basically shrugged it off, put her postcard in my files, and forgot about it.

That Sunday, Zoogz Rift, in whose band I played bass, called and told me to quickly turn on KROQ. I did, and sure enough, they were playing my song. The enlightened and godlike DJs at KROQ thereafter regularly played it.

Enigma re-pressed the record, adding it to their catalogue and christening it with the new moniker "A Blind Man's Penis," even designing a groovy little label for it. Matt Groening devoted his entire Sound Mix column in the Reader, a weekly Los Angeles tabloid, to the convoluted story of how "A Blind Man's Penis" came into existence.

Doc Wör Mirran - Quickly Skitzo

Don't really know anything about this fun noise group, picked this up at a discounted price in 1992.... I might have one or two more singles by them.

The single came out on Forced Exposure in 1991 and was limited to 600 copies...

burned from my black vinyl 7" single... I swear the back cover has a photo of one of the girls from the new wave band We've Got A Fuzzbox... says:

The actual name "Doc Wör Mirran" was thought up by Bernard H. Worrick while he and Joseph B. Raimond lived together in San Francisco in 1982. But the real history of DWM begins when Bernard H. Worrick and Joseph B. Raimond both moved to Nürnberg Germany in 1985, where Joseph B. Raimond bought an analog 8-track recording studio and began to record what has since become a huge body of recorded work. The concept of DWM though from the very beginning was to combine music, graphic art, painting, sculpture, poetry and just about every other medium of art into one project. The open-membership policy of DWM is an important part of the DWM philosophy.In the early 1990's, Bernard H. Worrick moved to Florida, taking with him an important part of the group's identity. But DWM has continued onwards without Bernard. Bringing Bernard back to Germany and returning him to the DWM fold has become one of the goals of the group. Although rarely playing live, DWM is not averse to live concerts, although playing live is not one of the priorities of the group. Since the departure of Bernard, DWM has become especially interested in collaborative efforts with other artists, both recorded and live. Recent developments with DWM include the formation of a new label within MT Undertainment devoted exclusively to the recordings, literature and artwork by DWM and its various members.

Missing Foundation - Assault on Your Life

More lovely noise this time from German/NYC industrial folks Missing Foundation. This is from their only 7" single that I know about. On Lungcast Records.

Released in 1992 on crappy red wax. They did release a couple of full lengths of which I might have one somewhere....

from the Missing Foundation Discography at

Their logo shows a martini-cocktail glass turned upside down meaning "the party's over!". Missing Foundation made a point of fighting gentrification in New York's Lower East Side and other metropolitan areas. They left their logo painted on walls whereever they travelled. Walking around in major European cities in the late 80's/early 90's you would find this all over the place.

and from the Missing Foundation website (


Drunks with Guns - Drug Problem

Happy/mad music from St. Louis, Missouri alcoholics Drunks with Guns. This was their fourth single on the Noiseville label and the last to contain all the original members... burned from my orange colored 7"... this was limited to 500 copies and was released in 1989.

This is considered one of the four important recordings by DWG according to Tom Noerper who played on the single.

No scan of the cover because that requires me to hook up the scanner so tough luck!

But I did find a post of their first self-titled single here:

so that cover will have to do.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Faith & Power - An ESP Disc Sampler (JAZZ) (Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, etc.)

This is something I forgot I had... it's a promotional CD included for subscribers of Wire Magazine (UK) issue from July 2002...

Wire Magazine tends to focus on modern music... avant-garde jazz, experimental, electronica, etc.

don't have a link for the ESP Disc label...


1 Albert Ayler Trio Ghosts: First Variation (5:01)
2 Ornette Coleman Trio, The Sadness (4:00)
3 Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra Cosmic Chaos (Edit) (9:04)
4 Bob James Trio Wolfman (6:13)
Featuring - Robert Ashley
5 Sea Ensemble, The Snake Creeps Down (3:47)
6 Sonny Simmons Interplanetary Travelers (Edit) (4:42)
7 Charles Tyler Ensemble Black Mysticism (Edit) (4:09)
8 Marzette Watts Backdrop For Urban Revolution (Edit) (6:22)
9 Frank Wright Your Prayer (Edit) (5:40)
10 Frank Lowe Brother Joseph (4:35)
11 Patty Waters Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair (13:58)
12 Velvet Underground, The Noise (Edit) (1:40)