Thursday, December 25, 2008

(COIL)Tactile / Rosa Mundi - Grief / The Snowman split 7"single

Picture Disc 7" limited to 777....

Released in honour of the late Jhonn Balance (aka Geff Rushton) of Coil who died in November 2004.

Side A. Tactile - Grief (featuring John Balance of Coil)(Written By - John Everall / Jhonn Balance, Text Written By William Hope Hodgson)

...just a note, William Hope Hodgson wrote the Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder stories among others, he's one of my favorite short story writers and info. can be found here:

Side B. Rosa Mundi - The Snowman (Written By - Rose McDowall / Jhonn Balance)

...Rose McDowall has had multiple incarnations including the early 80's pop band Strawberry Switchblade, Current 93, Death in June, NoN, Coil, etc...

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  1. Saw your note over at me blog...
    I got the Rosa Mundi song on the Solsitice Sorrow CD... Makes me wish there had been a complete CD related to that effort. So sad. These items make me realize how much I miss Jon Balance's musick.