Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Faith & Power - An ESP Disc Sampler (JAZZ) (Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, etc.)

This is something I forgot I had... it's a promotional CD included for subscribers of Wire Magazine (UK) issue from July 2002...

Wire Magazine tends to focus on modern music... avant-garde jazz, experimental, electronica, etc.

don't have a link for the ESP Disc label...


1 Albert Ayler Trio Ghosts: First Variation (5:01)
2 Ornette Coleman Trio, The Sadness (4:00)
3 Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra Cosmic Chaos (Edit) (9:04)
4 Bob James Trio Wolfman (6:13)
Featuring - Robert Ashley
5 Sea Ensemble, The Snake Creeps Down (3:47)
6 Sonny Simmons Interplanetary Travelers (Edit) (4:42)
7 Charles Tyler Ensemble Black Mysticism (Edit) (4:09)
8 Marzette Watts Backdrop For Urban Revolution (Edit) (6:22)
9 Frank Wright Your Prayer (Edit) (5:40)
10 Frank Lowe Brother Joseph (4:35)
11 Patty Waters Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair (13:58)
12 Velvet Underground, The Noise (Edit) (1:40)


  1. hello my friend... back in action!... bring on the Townes!... & that artwork of yours is truly fantastic...


  2. cheers for the Townes... i didn't actually get the email... just got back from hospital for some tests, got gallstones... pain in the ass... well gut actually... this cheers me up!...


  3. thank you my friend!... bleedin' wonderful!!!... that is my weekend completely sorted... anything i can do in return?... i'm playing with Jackie-O Motherfucker now, if there's any of their stuff you want, just yell...


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