Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crime & the City Solution - I Have The Gun (12")

Do you love
Nick Cave?
How about The
Birthday Party?
Einstürzende Neubauten?
How about the film
Wings of Desire?
You do?
Well, how about
Crime and The City Solution?
Well, check out this EP and then head over to Young Moss Tongue to experience more of this great and over-looked band... won't be disappointed:

burned from the 12" on Mute Records, 1990.. the bass sounds a bit distorted but it could be the $9 speakers I have attached to my laptop...

from Wiki.:

Crime and The City Solution were a rock music band formed by Australian singer and songwriter Simon Bonney.

They had four distinct line-ups: Sydney in 1977-78, Melbourne in 1979, and two groupings in Berlin from 1985-1990. The only common member in all four line-ups was Bonney.

Other members included: former members of The Birthday Party (Mick Harvey and Rowland S. Howard); former Swell Maps drummer Epic Soundtracks; and Alexander Hacke from Einstürzende Neubauten.

Crime and the City Solution completed four studio albums and a number of E.Ps during its existence, and a live album has since been released. Further early recordings have resurfaced on the internet. Parallels have been drawn between Crime and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Crime were famed for their live performances, where Bonney's delicate physical appearance contrasted sharply with his deep, dark voice. He has since gone on to record solo material.

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  1. cheers mate!... just pummeling my ears with some Heavy Winged... damn they taste good... Mxxx