Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Land o' Sugar - Wild Wigout Comix Game Board

Front Cover of Box

Land O' Sugar is a smorgasbord of wiry mutants and undulating creeps resulting in nothing less than sweet molten insanity... mark my works, the fell good board game of the millennium!

David Fremont's Fun Action Game!

A 1 lbs. o' hard round candies not included!

Click on the images for jumbo versions!

Back Cover of Box (one pound of hard candy not included!)

Silk Screen Game Board

Rules and Silk Screen game pieces

Artist information

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  1. hey dude, could you scan and post the Boredom game by Daniel Clowes. I would love to have good scans of all the stuff so I could print it out and play it. I'm a big Daniel Clowes fan. Email me at acrhea@yahoo.com if you can! Thanks!