Thursday, March 20, 2008

Henry Bison - Family Values EP

I used to work with this guy - Daniel - years ago (mid 1990s) at a record store in Austin, TX and his band "Henry Bison" - which was really just him - put out this EP which I still find hysterical today...

he recorded this himself on four-track...

It was originally released by the Texas label Rise Records (Frank Kozik & Craig Koon); limited edition of 100 with hand-screened vinyl covers.... which I don't have a scan of so here's a substitution cover thrown together instead...


  1. this is crazy, you can download this record from the net, but to get it on the real vinyl is almost impossible :-( Anyone has this for sale ??? please contact me sa.po{at}gmx{dot}de

  2. I also have a cassette that Daniel put together of his music that I'll try and get up sometime in the near future if you're interested. As for my copy, you're welcome to make an offer.