Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kids These Days (1994)

Front cover
A Game For The Juvenile Delinquent
Raging In All Of Us!!!


For The Wild Wanton Youngster Ramblin' For A Kick!!!

by Chuck Sperry

Object of the Game: To be the first player to reach the "Dead End" (at the end of the "Life of Crime - Downward Spiral"). May The Baddest Win!

From the back:

Remember playing boardgames like Candyland? You were an innocent kid with a dumb hair cut wishing so "bad" you were playing something else like "Super Colossal Master of All Elementary Schools or Ruler of All the Fudgesicles in the Freezer!" Your super strength allowing you to flick your opponent across the orange shag carpet? Well... Your wishes have come true. With The Wild Wigout Comix Gameboards!

Kids These Days was one of seven crazy art boardgames produced by Scairy Hairy Toys, San Fransisco in the early to mid-1990s. Each was created by a local underground artist and each was handmade, silk-screened and extremely limited (around 100 each).

Back cover

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