Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Skidrow A Go-Go (1994)

Take Out Your Aggressions Along With Your Opponents As You Stumble Head First Into The Glamorous Life-Styles Of Crackheads, Thieves and Alcoholics!!!

Ah, my holy grail of Wild Wigout Comix Game Boards and it's by Mats O. Stromberg!

Only around 100 of these beautiful hand silk-screen babies exist! How much are they worth? Absolutely nothing monetarily! But to me the Wild Wigout Comix Game Boards are classic works of underground art!

Just click on the pictures and see!

This one I had been searching for since I first discovered the games way back in the early 1990's while working at indie record store Sound Exchange in Austin, Texas. I missed out on a copy on eBay about four years ago but kept looking and searching.

Finally I got lucky and Robert Speray posted a listing on eBay for the game...
a big thanks to Robert because he also turned me on to three other Wild Wigout games that I didn't know existed!

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