Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paníque - The Spooky Frightmare Game! (1994)

Front cover

The third of the great Wild Wigout Comix Game Board by Scairy Hairy Toys that I didn't know existed! Only around 100 of each Wild Wigout game was made!

Once again I must give a great big thanks to Robert Speray who sold me two games on eBay and then informed me of two more he had for sale!

This one's a scairy one by the great gothic cartoonist Richard Sala!!! Make sure you check out his crazy website for info on his art and his Evil Eye comix book!


  1. Hi there, I really can not believe that you found the game!!!Did you bought all 4 games? Is there any chance that you may sell me the other one? Or can you give me the email address of the seller if he may still have 2 other copies?
    That would be so awesome, I am searching fo this since such a long time with no success.
    Please write me back!

  2. I think I only picked up two of the four as I had the others. There are a total of ten in the series (as far as I know). They pop up on eBay every once and a while (six are up now - just search for wild wigout) which is your best bet in tracking these down. You can also find info. at

  3. Thank you very, very much for the informations!
    I will cross my fingers and hope to find it one day!! Will let you know ;)
    Anyway, if you every find another one, I would be gald if you tll me!