Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wild Wigout Comix Game Boards

Wild Wigout Comix Game Boards were created by some very talented and well known underground artists at the now defunct Scairy Hairy Toys in San Fransisco, Ca. in the early/mid 1990s.

These very crazy game boards were hand silk-screened and were probably pretty limited (maybe a hundred of each?).

There were only ten (?) different games created, of which I now am lucky to have all of now.

There is absolutely no information on this interweb thingy about these really cute and creative handmade games.... so I figured I'd post some images of the games and see if there are any other collectors of this "art".

Here's the list of the ten known games with links to the games and artists:

1. Land o' Sugar by David Fremont

2. Skidrow A-Go-Go by Mats. O (Mats O. Stromberg)

3. Bughouse by Steve Lafler (creator of the Bugjuice comix books)

4. Brew-HaHa by Wayno

5. Boredom by Daniel Clowes (creator of the Ghost World and Eightball comix)

6. Death 'n' Taxe$ by JR Williams

7. Kids These Days by Sperry

8. RoadsKill by R. L. Crabb

9. Heavenly Ham House by Lloyd Dangle

10. PanĂ­que by Richard Sala

Flower Frankenstein, along with Bruce Hilvitz, published the extremely wonderful board games and can be found by clicking on their names!

And Don't Forget to Click on the Images for Jumbo Pictures of the Game!

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