Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wild Wigout Comix Game Boards

Wild Wigout Comix Game Boards were created by some very talented and well known underground artists at the now defunct Scairy Hairy Toys in San Fransisco, Ca. in the early/mid 1990s.

These very crazy game boards were hand silk-screened and were probably pretty limited (maybe a hundred of each?).

There were only ten (?) different games created, of which I now am lucky to have all of now.

There is absolutely no information on this interweb thingy about these really cute and creative handmade games.... so I figured I'd post some images of the games and see if there are any other collectors of this "art".

Here's the list of the ten known games with links to the games and artists:

1. Land o' Sugar by David Fremont

2. Skidrow A-Go-Go by Mats. O (Mats O. Stromberg)

3. Bughouse by Steve Lafler (creator of the Bugjuice comix books)

4. Brew-HaHa by Wayno

5. Boredom by Daniel Clowes (creator of the Ghost World and Eightball comix)

6. Death 'n' Taxe$ by JR Williams

7. Kids These Days by Sperry

8. RoadsKill by R. L. Crabb

9. Heavenly Ham House by Lloyd Dangle

10. Paníque by Richard Sala

Flower Frankenstein, along with Bruce Hilvitz, published the extremely wonderful board games and can be found by clicking on their names!

And Don't Forget to Click on the Images for Jumbo Pictures of the Game!

Death 'N' Taxes!! (1993)

Death 'N' Taxes!! by JR Williams

The One & Only Inevitable Game!

With Your TORMENTED SOULS Game Pieces Included!

Yikes! Each Year It's The Same Old Game. You Finally Get A Step Up The Ladder, When... Whoopsie, Down The Slide You Go!

Click on the images for enlarged goodness!!!

Silk screen game board

Rules with silk screen game pieces

Artist information

Remember Mr. Satan (of the IRS) says -- No Cheatin'!! The Ol' Devil's Got His Eye On You!!

Kids These Days (1994)

Front cover
A Game For The Juvenile Delinquent
Raging In All Of Us!!!


For The Wild Wanton Youngster Ramblin' For A Kick!!!

by Chuck Sperry

Object of the Game: To be the first player to reach the "Dead End" (at the end of the "Life of Crime - Downward Spiral"). May The Baddest Win!

From the back:

Remember playing boardgames like Candyland? You were an innocent kid with a dumb hair cut wishing so "bad" you were playing something else like "Super Colossal Master of All Elementary Schools or Ruler of All the Fudgesicles in the Freezer!" Your super strength allowing you to flick your opponent across the orange shag carpet? Well... Your wishes have come true. With The Wild Wigout Comix Gameboards!

Kids These Days was one of seven crazy art boardgames produced by Scairy Hairy Toys, San Fransisco in the early to mid-1990s. Each was created by a local underground artist and each was handmade, silk-screened and extremely limited (around 100 each).

Back cover

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I forgot that I haven't posted the images for the Wild Wigout Comix Game Boards Kids These Days by Sperry and Death 'n' Taxe$ by JR Williams... I'll have to get to that in the next day or two!

Scairy Hairy Toys Hand-Made Mask (circa 1994)

back side of mask info

Finally Robert Speray was kind enough to pass on an unopened hand-made silk screen mask made by the Scairy Hairy Toy Co. in San Francisco, California which was really awfully cool of him.

Click on the above images for blow-ups.

Here's a bit of an email he sent me that gives a tad more information on the store and the people who worked there.
All the stuff they made was playful, fun, and visually
interesting. Going into the store was always a treat.
The store's open space and display window had monthly
themes. Each month the store was turned into
a walk-in game space.

Flower (Frankenstein)
worked in the back making
the stuff. It was her ideas and designs and
manufacturing work that created the output.
They sold other things too, interesting
alternative items from standard distribution
channels such as limited edition prints.
Bruce managed the place. They
seemed to be a fun couple that got along
ok and were doing something together that
was fulfilling and carried them ok. Later I
heard they had broke up and the store was gone.
I lost track of them, and the stuff I had
bought was put into my room of stuff and got
buried and forgotten.

Four years ago I ran across a few games and
wondered what had happened to Flower and Bruce.
I googled their names and found that Flower was
doing some other things now, and Bruce seemed
to be around doing his thing. I never got
in contact with them. Recently I googled them
again, and Flower has a strong web presence with
a blog and a book. Before, there was zero references
to the store or the games. Then on a recent search,
it was your blog that showed up as the definitive search
result for the name, and the games.
Thanks for putting it up. I hope you'll continue.

Skidrow A Go-Go (1994)

Take Out Your Aggressions Along With Your Opponents As You Stumble Head First Into The Glamorous Life-Styles Of Crackheads, Thieves and Alcoholics!!!

Ah, my holy grail of Wild Wigout Comix Game Boards and it's by Mats O. Stromberg!

Only around 100 of these beautiful hand silk-screen babies exist! How much are they worth? Absolutely nothing monetarily! But to me the Wild Wigout Comix Game Boards are classic works of underground art!

Just click on the pictures and see!

This one I had been searching for since I first discovered the games way back in the early 1990's while working at indie record store Sound Exchange in Austin, Texas. I missed out on a copy on eBay about four years ago but kept looking and searching.

Finally I got lucky and Robert Speray posted a listing on eBay for the game...
a big thanks to Robert because he also turned me on to three other Wild Wigout games that I didn't know existed!

Paníque - The Spooky Frightmare Game! (1994)

Front cover

The third of the great Wild Wigout Comix Game Board by Scairy Hairy Toys that I didn't know existed! Only around 100 of each Wild Wigout game was made!

Once again I must give a great big thanks to Robert Speray who sold me two games on eBay and then informed me of two more he had for sale!

This one's a scairy one by the great gothic cartoonist Richard Sala!!! Make sure you check out his crazy website for info on his art and his Evil Eye comix book!

Heavenly Ham House - The Safe-Sex Virtual-Reality Role-Playing Game!! (1994)

Another of the great Wild Wigout Comix Game Board by Scairy Hairy Toys that I didn't know existed!

Again a great big thanks to Robert Speray who sold me two games on eBay and then informed me of two more he had for sale!

This nasty little one's by Lloyd Dangle and it's a hoot! Don't forget to click on the images for the gory mega-detailed blow-ups!

RoadSkill - Survival on Life's Great Highway (1994)

Another great Wild Wigout Comix Game Board by Scairy Hairy Toys and one of three I didn't know existed!

A great big thanks to Robert Speray who sold me two games on eBay and then informed me of two more he had for sale!

So it's ten games that Scairy Hairy Toys has put out not seven as I was told by one of the owners (Flower Frankenstein).

And now I have all ten... but will more surface in the near future?

This one's by R. L. Crabb. Click on the images to see blow-ups of the art and to see how crazy this game really is.

As with all the Wild Wigout games, there's probably around 100 of this silk-screened games floating around out there!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pay your Respects to the Vultures for they are your Future

5th Anniversary of the Death of Jhonn Balance (Coil)
16 February 1962 - 13 November 2004

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Daniel Clowes' Boredom - The Dismal Anti-Game for 1 to 3 Players (1994)

Here is a game that explores the mind-numbing sameness of daily existence in Modern Urban America.

Players spin the "spinner" and move clockwise around the board and may Only leave the game when:

A. The pointer lands on SUICIDE,
B. You land on either of the squares in which SUICIDE CONTEMPLATION is featured.

At these time Only may you place your player in the center, you May Not stop unless rules 2A or 2B apply.

The last player left after the others have committed suicide Wins or Loses, depending on your perspective.

Fun for the whole disfunctional family!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tentacles and Gates (or Cthulhu's Snakes and Ladders)

Rough draft of a silly little silk-screen game I'm fiddling around making....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bughouse - Wild Wigout Comix Game Board

The Third Wild Wigout Game in the Series!

Bughouse - Be-Bop Game (1993)

A Wild Wigout Comix Game Board

by Steve Lafler - creator of the Bugjuice comix books

Become a master Jazz Musician like Charlie Parker and Coltrane before getting hooked on Bug Juice and ending up stone-cold dead in the gutter... fun for the whole family!

Click on the Pictures for Jumbo Images!!!

Don't Be A Doinks, Daddy-O!!!

One More Brew-HaHa Image

Brew-HaHa - Wild Wigout Comix Game Board

Here's the second of the six Wild Wigout Comix Game Boards that I have. It's called:

Brew-HaHa - The Official Beer Nutz Comix Game (1993)

It was created by underground comic artist Wayno ( in the mid 1990s for the now extinct Scairy Hairy Toys which was previously located in San Fransisco, Ca.

To play the game you need a case or three of cheap, cheap beer, shot glasses, and the song Rubber Biscuit by The Chips....

The object of the game is to out-drink your opponents while staying conscious yourself. The winner of the game is the last one standing and/or resisting the urge to throw-up especially while dancing and singing along to the great hit song "Rubber Biscuit" performed by The Chips circa 1956. Yes, anytime a player lands on the Rubber Biscuit space everyone has to jump up and shout Rubber Biscuit, Rubber Biscuit!!! while dancing to the song. Any player returning their cheap beer rental via the porcelain god is immediately disqualified and is banished to pass out in the bathtub.

Here's the song:

A here's the second coming of the Blues Brothers performing Rubber Biscuit live if you're not familiar with the song... now image drinking a crap load of cheap beer and having to drunkenly dance to this song a dozen times while playing the game.... pure genius on Wayno's part.

Click on the images to make them jumbo!!!

Remember to drink responsibly.